Mind-Shifting Imagery: Image Guidance for Life Coaches
A sequel to Image Guidance: A Tool for Spiritual Direction (Paulist Press, 1992) and Image Guidance and Healing (Paulist Press, 1994), this book provides safe, brief and effective guidelines for using imagery in coaching, spiritual direction, pastoral counseling and other forms of inner guidance.

Preaching & Teaching Laudato Si'

Preaching and Teaching Laudato Si'  is not a synopsis of Pope Francis' Encyclical on the Environment, but a simply written primer for those who wish to preach, teach or reflect on the spiritual implications of a green agenda; it is a resource for those of any faith who wish to respond to the Pope's plea for ecological conversion. Though the book is primarily intended for preachers and teachers, it offers basic principles for anyone who wishes to learn more about sustainable living.

A Pocketful of Sundays

This book is a collection of scripturally-based reflections from Sunday BibleTalk grouped thematically under seven headings: Letting Go, Letting God, Following the Way, Dark Night, Thy Kingdom Come, Priests and Prophets, Awake to Life. It is a resource to be "dipped into" and read contemplatively, rather than read "cover to cover”; may it accompany you on life's journey.

ISBN 5800030-792242,
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The Day the Fireworks Died

It is the festa of San Gorg, but dark clouds hang over the village of Ta' Qalbi and none of the fireworks will ignite. Gorg, a village outcast known to his school mates as "Hushu Bushu," learns from San Gorg that the saint is displeased with the people of Ta'Qalbi who, though church-going, are heartless and corrupt. With the help of Id Dragun, the dragon, Gorg confronts the people of his village and there is a change of heart all around -- as well as fireworks, processions and marching bands.....

Malta, PEG Publications, 2005                                                                                                                                                           ISBN 99909-0-379-4,
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The Maltese Translation/Adaptation,  ID-DRAGUN TAD-DRAGONARA, released in 2017, is available from Preca Publications, Malta:

Dragut's Galley

Sarah and Andrew, two young American teenagers, are visiting their grandparents in Malta, a Mediterranean island with a history of repeated invasions by Turkish corsairs. Excited by the legends of this historic past, they set out to discover their roots and discover a deeper truth than they ever imagined... Set in contemporary Malta, the author's homeland and sacred landscape, Dragut's Galley, is an adventure with a difference that is sure to grip the reader from the very start. Intended for readers 9-14 years of age, as well as for adults who are children at heart, it delivers a positive message much needed in a world divided by religious differences and intolerance.

Malta, PEG Publications, 2004                                                                                                                                            

ISBN 99909-0-379-4

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Jesus the Holy Fool

My most well-known book is Jesus the Holy Fool  (Wisconsin: Sheed and Ward, 1999). This is a reverent study of the Gospel Jesus which draws connections between holiness and folly as they occur in the bible, presenting Holy Foolishness as a paradigm for the Christian journey and as a new model for what it means to be church. In 1999, this book caused controversy in South Africa where politicians misunderstood the meaning of "Holy Fool" and wanted to ban the 1999 Parliament of the World's Religions because of my presentation on this topic. Ela Gandhi, granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi, and Gordon Oliver, former mayor of Cape Town, came to my defense. The African National Democratic Party later apologized in the South African Parliament for causing such a stir; protests, however, continued throughout the Parliament of the World's Religions. I am saddened that the title of this book was so inflammatory that those offended never read further than the cover.

"Brings to light ancient wisdom about the mystery of Christ. Reverent and challenging."
Donald Senior, C.P., Catholic Theological Union

"Combines sound theology with creative imagination. Enlightens and delights."
Marie-Henry Keane, O.P., Blackfriars Hall, Oxford University

"A wise, rich, and theologically informed book; a moving invitation to consider an important new dimension of Christology."
Wayne G. Rollins, Hartford Seminary

Wisconsin: Sheed and Ward, 1999
ISBN: 1-58051-061-2
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From Center to Circumference: God's Place in the Circle of Self

This book offers a series of brief reflections on the inner life, drawing on my own experiences as a means of illustration. Not meant as mere autobiography, these reflections point beyond personal narrative to universal wisdom. The book can serve as a journaling tool or as a "manual for spiritual direction." The main theme is that it is not enough to allow God a place in one's life; on the contrary, God must be both at the center and circumference of self.

"Those who read this book will be provoked to gather, reverence and share their own stories of grace."
Louis J. Cameli, University of St. Mary of the Lake

"Her wisdom, enhanced by many years as a spiritual director, shines through. The reader will feel the sure and gentle touch of her guiding hand."
Ewert Cousins, Fordham University

New Jersey: Paulist Press, 1996
ISBN 0-8091-3623-6                                                                                                                                                                    Presently out of print.

Image Guidance and Healing

This is a sequel to Image Guidance: A Tool for Spiritual Direction (New Jersey: Paulist Press, 1992.) Here I expand applications of Image Guidance to include health care possibilities. Stressing the inter-connectedness of body-mind-spirit, I provide a variety of case studies which illustrate the process at work. These include the use of Image Guidance in post-accident rehabilitation, in stress-related illnesses, in serious conditions such as diabetes and cancer, in addictions and in minor ailments with a psycho-spiritual basis. Image Guidance can be useful in helping clients understand the roots of their illness, addiction or disability; to live in harmony with themselves and their current state of health; to relieve stress and to find some measure of inner peace.

"Vanek's case material provides an excellent embodiment of the image guidance process and helps the reader to appreciate the very real gift she brings to this endeavour."
Joan E. Bowers, Department of Nursing, DePaul University

"Elizabeth-Anne Vanek is an intuitive healer with an uncanny ability to help her clients express and transform their physical problems through imagery. Extending Jung's technique of active imagination, a type of inner dialogue with spontaneous images, she illustrates how to evoke this healing fantasy in individuals with physiological conditions."
August J. Cwik, Jung Institute, Evanston

New Jersey: Paulist Press, 1994
ISBN 0-8091-3508-6; $10.95

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Image Guidance: A Tool for Spiritual Direction

Through a series of case studies, I demonstrate how to dialogue with the active imagination so as to use imagery as an intuitive map that will help guide our lives and chart the course of our spiritual direction. The book provides a step by step account of how to work with the spontaneous image, how to extract wisdom from our dreams and how to recognize the symbolic significance of mythical themes. Ideally used within a counseling context, Image Guidance helps us address our problems with greater perception and sensitivity. We learn how to look at past and present experiences, imagine future experiences and create options for ourselves that we might otherwise have not seen.

"For those who are attracted by their imaginations to the way of symbols, Elizabeth-Anne Vanek's book offers a privileged access to those symbols that emerge from the depths of the psyche and with grace and guidance can lead the spiritual pilgrim toward the goal of the journey."
Ewert Cousins, Fordham University

New Jersey: Paulist Press, 1992
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Pilgrims at Heart

This pocket book offers some of my best scripture reflections from Living Faith, a quarterly publication with a circulation of over half a million readers, which provides brief meditations on the day's readings. From 1985-2005, I wrote the Sunday reflections for Living Faith and feel that this is the way I have reached the most people. As a lay person engaged with the ordinary struggles of daily life, I am able to provide a perspective which reaches people "where they are." The insights I offer come from lived experience rather than from book learning; my theology is based on my own wrestling with God, with self and with others.

"As a person convinced of the truth of faith, Vanek writes with the urgency of one searching for a way to express that faith genuinely in her everyday life. Her insight into the spiritual journey can enrich all of us, no matter where we find ourselves on the pilgrimage to the heart of God."
The Editors, Living Faith Publications

St. Louis: Creative Communications for the Parish,1993
ISBN: 0-9629585-3-0;$7.50
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Woman Dreamer

This collection of poems is grounded in archetypal imagery and in the realm of the unconscious. While some of the themes are distinctly Christian and while others are shaped by the Hebrew scriptures, still others draw on the world of myth, providing a new twist to stories of creation, fall and redemption. Many of the poems are mystical in orientation and focus on the relationship between Lover and Beloved, especially on the desire for union and the intense emotions that such yearning entails; a few are set in the landscape of childhood or else explore the territory of pain. Without exception, the poems present a world that is at once recognizable yet surreal, tangible yet elusive, unique yet universal, immediate yet dream-like.

"The reader who follows Vanek's guidance through scenes of everyday life, through the drama of Biblical narratives, and through the forest of primordial archetypal symbols, will be delighted aesthetically and enriched spiritually."
Ewert Cousins, Fordham University

Indiana: Wyndham Hall, 1989
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Leaning Into Light

This collection of poetry brings together the best selections from Frost and Fire (Canton, Ohio: Life Enrichment Publishers, 1985) and Extraordinary Time  (Life Enrichment Publishers, 1988). Both these books, which represent my earliest published work, are out of print; however, I do have multiple copies available of this volume. The poems trace much of my own spiritual journey.

"The most effective prophets are poets. They lead us to truth and goodness through the beautiful. Elizabeth-Anne Vanek is such a prophet. Her poetry helps us to hear the biblical stories anew, to see their settings and to enter into the very flesh and spirit of those who move about seeking God. She helps us to pray biblical prayers, to hear biblical stories as our own stories, and to delight in biblical wisdom as though it were all our own discovery."
Eugene LaVerdiere, SSS

"I am again impressed with the delicate touch of beauty and the intense movement of contemplation in your work. I thank you for sharing this gift with us."
Carroll Stuhlmueller, C.P.

"These poems are like favorite melodies transposed into a minor key, haunting the reader with the intimate revelations of the actors, their sudden recognition of the overwhelming presence of God; This book is a very powerful acclamation that sign seeking is universal, and that waiting for what is possible, sometimes in frustration, is worthwhile."
Linda McCallum Krause, Reviewer, Currents in Theology and Mission

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