Checks or money orders should be made out to Dr. Elizabeth-Anne Stewart, and mailed to 1115 S. Plymouth Ct #115, Chicago, IL 60605. I also accept  payment  via Chase Quick Pay or PayPal. For your convenience, you can use the "PayPal" DONATE button below to pre-pay for Life Coaching sessions, Spiritual Direction and other services. Thank you!

Coaching Fees

Individual Life Coaching: $125 per hour; package of 10 sessions discounted to $115 per session, if paid in advance.

Couples' Coaching: $135 per hour; package of 10 sessions discounted to $125 per session, if paid in advance.

Small Business Coaching: $150 per hour; package of ten sessions discounted to $140 per session, if paid in advance.

Corporate Coaching: $250 per hour; package of ten sessions discounted to $225 per session, if paid in advance.

Spiritual Direction Fees

Spiritual Direction for Christians from all traditions, as well as for spiritual seekers without a tradition:$75 per hour. Discounts available for clergy, members of religious communities, students and those on fixed incomes. Payment due at the close of each session.

Imagery & Healing

This intervention must be done in person, not by phone.The first hour is $250, with subsequent time billed at $100 per hour. Typically, only one session is required, and the time frame is usually 1.5-2 hours long. I only take on a client after determining whether this is the right "tool" in his or her healing process. I do not work those who are on medication for mental or emotional health, nor with those who have experienced  recent emotional trauma. In some cases, I will agree to work with a client whose therapist is present for the session.


Private Retreats (in person or by telephone): Let me know what you need and I will work with your budget. Generally, I charge by the hour, with cheaper rates available on week days and discounts available for a package of 6 or more hours.

Group Retreats (in person or by conference telephone call): Prices  typically range from $300 for a morning of reflection to $1500 for a Friday, Saturday, Sunday retreat involving travel (air fares and hotel accommodation not included); however, I will always try to work with your budget and sometimes agree to a set fee, plus free will donation; or to a fee based on attendance. There are always creative solutions and if you invite me, I will come! For small Chicago-area groups or for a "telephone group," I will work out a price based on the number of participants.

Workshops & Seminars

Fees depend upon the length of the workshop  or seminar, the  number of participants, the travel involved (if any), and the amount of preparation required. Let me know what you are looking for, and I will try to accommodate your group!

Keynote Addresses

Keynote Addresses require much thought, creativity and  research -- at least, that has been my experience. It is the Keynote Speaker's responsibility to set the tone for a conference or gathering, and so re-cycling old material is not an option. For this reason, my fee for a Keynote Address  depends on the type of event, the location  and the number of participants. Again, I am always open to negotiation, so please don't hesitate to contact me.


Pricing and ordering information can be found under "Books."


My nature photography, landscapes and photos of religious topics can be viewed and purchased on my website,

Prices depend upon the size of each print and the type of paper and/or mounting.

Sunday BibleTalk

Individual subscriptions to Sunday BibleTalk are $25 for the year; group subscriptions are $50.

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