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"The task of the Spiritual Seeker is to see beyond the 100,000 veils which separate us from Ultimate Mystery."

 My starting point is the Spiritual -- that is, that deepest dimension of Self  where we understand ourselves to be in   relationship with all living beings, as well as with the Earth which is our home. When we learn to see ourselves as   mirrors of the Divine, as bearers of the Divine Breath and as sparks of the Divine Fire, then we live   differently. Gone are the old habits, the unsuccessful ways of navigating through complexities, the repeated   errors  of judgment, the narrow ways of viewing others, the limited imagination and the heresy of negative   thinking. Instead, all things are possible: walls tumble down, bridges extend across chasms, ladders rise   heavenwards and we are gifted with epiphanies, great and small.

 My mission is that of transformation, a journey that always begins with the Self, with recognizing self-imposed   limits and external limits, with the desire to move forwards into a healthier, happier future.  This involves "waking   up" and daring to leave your comfort zone; it means claiming your gifts while confronting your Shadow. Whether   working with groups or individuals, my goal is to assist spiritual seekers connect more deeply with their Divine   Source, thereby helping them tap into the extraordinary capacities within.Though I serve primarily in Christian   contexts, I companion people from every Faith, as well as those without a formal religious affiliation.

 As a  Spiritual Guide, Retreat Facilitator and Motivational Speaker, I will share with you what I have learned in   more than thirty-five years of inner exploration. Clients have included authors, artists, clergy, graduate students,   secular and religious institutions, CEO's, small business owners and clients "in transition."  I am available to meet   with you or your group in person, or else to work with you via conference call or Skype. You can learn more about   me and the services I offer by entering my website.      

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Whether you are willingly embracing change
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I will travel with you

across the Great Divide that separates where you are today

from where you dream of being tomorrow!