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What is a Possibility Coach? Well .....

If you are embarking on a  journey that takes you deeper into  self-discovery or if you long to create a more purposeful life,  I am here to accompany you! If you are struggling personally or professionally, I am here to offer strategies for imagining new possibilities! And if the state of the world (or your world!)  is draining you of energy, I am here to help you discover joy, creativity and the keys for empowered decision-making!

My mission is that of transformation, a journey that always begins with the Self, with recognizing self-imposed limits and external limits, with the desire to move forwards into a healthier, happier future.  This involves "waking up" and daring to leave your comfort zone; it means claiming your gifts while confronting your Shadow. Through my unique process of
Imagery Guidance as well as "tried and true" conventional coaching methods, you will identify what is holding you back or blocking you from leading the life you wish to lead. Then we will work on removing those blocks so that you can design  your own future and create a plan of action for getting there. As a result of  our collaboration, what seemed improbable will become possible! 


Whether you are looking for a Life Coach, a Spiritual Guide, a Retreat Facilitator or Motivational Speaker, I am willing to share with you what I have learned in more than thirty-five years of inner exploration. Clients have included spiritual seekers, authors, artists, clergy, graduate students, secular and religious institutions, CEO's, small business owners and clients "in transition."  I am available to meet with you or your group in person, or else to work with you via conference call or Skype. You can learn more about me and the services I offer by entering my website.      


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WELCOME Travelers!

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